A Writer Dabbling in Art-Making

I dabble in art-making. In my youth, it was a form of escape. I started maybe because creating is wired into the human genome. I’ve kept at it because making art is satisfying.

I have produced a few works in oil, acrylic, charcoal and pencil, and more recently, in digital media. Here are a few examples:

I think I can usually tell when I finish a painting that it either worked or not, at least based on my conscious intentions. But, for me, the best part about painting is the process, the getting there, so to speak. The process of realizing an idea or, at least, the germ of one keeps me engaged. It is a voyage of discovery, both exciting and frustrating, a constant metamorphosis within one painting, as well as from one painting to the next.

Because the voyage is what’s important, it may seem that what I paint or how I paint it may not matter much. But I believe that each artist has a unique hand that shapes her style and her techniques. She also has unique experiences that will dictate what she paints. So, our work inevitably says something about who we are.

I do hope that, in this voyage, I have produced and can continue to produce work of some artistic value (whatever that means) or meaning to me and to the viewer. Or, at least, some affective reaction (like or dislike, it doesn’t matter which).

What do you think?

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